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Popular Music from Vittula  review

Author: Mikael Niemi
genre: roman
Year: 2000
ISBN: 1583226591

Popular Music from Vittula tells the fantastical story of a young boy's unordinary existence, peopled by a visiting African priest, a witch in the heart of the forest, cousins from Missouri, an old Nazi, a beautiful girl with a black Volvo, silent men and tough women, a champion-bicyclist music teacher with a thumb in the middle of his hand—and, not least, on a shiny vinyl disk, the Beatles.
The story unfolds in sweltering wood saunas, amidst chain thrashings and gang warfare, learning to play the guitar in the garage, over a traditional wedding meal, on the way to China, during drinking competitions, while learning secret languages, playing ice hockey surrounded by snow drifts, outsmarting mice, discovering girls, staging a first rock concert, peeing in the snow, skiing under a sparkling midnight sky. In the manner of David Mitchell’s Black Swan Green, Mikael Niemi tells a story of a rural Sweden at once foreign and familiar, as a magical childhood slowly fades with the seasons into adult reality.

Average: 3.23 (166 rating)

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Book Reviews Popular Music from Vittula :

astroman 2015-03-18 23:15
A fun book that 's more like a tall tale . It is simply quite unlikely. It 's hard to describe the book must be read! I recommend the book i laugh several times when reading the book.
rating 5

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