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The Dead of Night  review

Author: John Marsden
genre: Ungdom
ISBN: 0439829119

A few months after the first fighter jets landed in their own backyard, Ellie and her five terrified but defiant friends struggle to survive amid a baffling conflict. Their families are unreachable; the mountains are now their home. When two of them fall behind enemy lines, Ellie knows what must happen next: a rescue mission. Homer, the strongest and most unpredictable among them, is the one to take charge. While others have their doubts about his abilities, Homer has no choice but to prove them wrong - or risk losing everything to the enemy.

Average: 4.5 (20 rating)

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Book Reviews The Dead of Night :

amir911 2015-03-20 06:41
The dead night is very horror and interesting book to read specially when you are reading it at the night it's really amazing. I have experienced that so i am saying i really like this book.
rating 5

asadmalo 2015-03-20 13:20
Actually everybody have an hoppy in their life and my hobby is reading book so i have read lots of book but nothing was like this one because it is one of most interesting book where i have seen homer has proved his ability to the enemy.
rating 5

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