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Brilliance of the Moon  review

Author: Lian Hearn
genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 1594480869

A beautiful, haunting evocation of the medieval Japan of Lian Hearn's imagination, this thrilling follow-up to Grass for His Pillow and Across the Nightingale Floor delves deeper into the complex loyalties that bind its characters from birth. Filled with adventure and surprising twists of plot and fortune, this third book in the Tales of the Otori series travels beyond the Three Countries, to the outside influences that threaten to intrude upon this isolated realm.

Average: 4.58 (36 rating)

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Book Reviews Brilliance of the Moon :

mu66777 2015-03-20 10:40
The Story of Book Brilliance of Moon is Really Beautiful and Near to Real Life. I Really Love the Story. The Author is Lian Hearn Good Writter.
rating 5

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