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A Killing Frost  review

Author: John Marsden
genre: Ungdom
Year: 2000
ISBN: 0439829127

Life in the war zone enters its sixth month of heart-stopping tension in the latest installment of the internationally bestselling Tomorrow series.

In the third installment of the Tomorrow saga, the anything-to-survive existence of Ellie and her friends has sharpened their senses and emboldened their plans. They aren't merely on the defensive anymore; they're also striking back. Their strategy? Attack the enemy not just on land, but also on water. If they have any hope of sabotaging the formidable container ship at Cobbler's Bay, then stealth is a must, but so, too, is one very big explosion.
And if they fail, they may face a whole new kind of terror -- imprisonment.

Average: 4.41 (17 rating)

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Book Reviews A Killing Frost :

WHajz 2015-03-19 23:58
This is Cobbler’s bay book. Reading this book is like seeing a good action movie: you will see how a group of teenagers go to attack a strategic harbour. Somethings go well, and somethings go wrong, one of them terribly wrong.
I think the author tries to tell us that we don’t have to forget that this is war, and war is ugly. I like this, though I wish the group would always win. The end is a little too far-fetched, but the group deserves a reprieve.
rating 5

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