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Barabbas  review

Author: Pär Lagerkvist
genre: Roman
Year: 1950
ISBN: 9780679725442

Barabbas is the acquitted; the man whose life was exchanged for that of Jesus of Nazareth, crucified upon the hill of Golgotha. Barabbas is a man condemned to have no god. "Christos Iesus" is carved on the disk suspended from his neck, but he cannot affirm his faith. He cannot pray. He can only say, "I want to believe."

Translated from Swedish by Alan Blair.

Average: 4.23 (22 rating)

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Book Reviews Barabbas :

WHajz 2015-03-19 23:51
Barabbas is a novel of 1950 by Pär Lagerkvist. Barabbas the robber who gets released instead of Jesus of Nazareth, which will see him die on the cross and then gets tied to him all his life in impotent defiance. He understands the darkness of Calvary, but not the light of the empty tomb. He is seeking a faith but remain trapped in their own reality.
Here is portrayed man's alienation in a world without God. In a world where Christians are persecuted and crucified. What if you do not find their faith or belief can not find the person it is meant for.
rating 5

vasi45 2015-03-20 07:13
The central crisis of the Modern Age is the crisis of faith, the failure of our belief in God. Our disbelief is an inevitable outgrowth of increased scientific understanding of the world around us, particularly in the realms of Physics and Evolutionary theory. It is a predictable corollary of the individualistic political and economic doctrines we have adopted with such success. And to a little appreciated degree, it is a function of the material comfort that we enjoy. Taken together, all of these factors have removed ignorance, superstition, subservience and desperation as reasons to believe in religion. Since Reason would require proof of God's existence, which it is probably impossible to provide, all that's really left is simple faith and, from what we've seen this past century, faith is not enough. There is much that is good about this liberation, the freeing of man from God, but there are also some terrible consequences. The most important consequence is the removal of metaphysical standards of Right and Wrong, of Truth and Beauty, and the resulting disastrous slide into moral relativity. The other main consequence is the sort of inchoate longing that, even if you haven't experienced it personally, is so readily apparent in things like the Psychiatric, Environmental, New Age and Wicca movements. Absent God and his laws, what is there to give our lives meaning and direction? What are we doing here? Do we have a purpose or are we, individually and as a species, as insignificant as science has made us seem? The difficulty of answering those questions lies at the heart of the soul sickness that human society suffers. This inability to attach meaning or value to ourselves and our actions has left an enormous void at the core of our beings and, thus far, science has offered us nothing to fill the vacuum.
rating 5

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