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Exodus  review

Author: Julie Bertagna
genre: Fantasy
Year: 2006
ISBN: 033039908X

Mara's island home is drowning as the ice caps melt and Earth loses its land to the ocean. But one night, in the ruined virtual world of the Weave, Mara meets the mysterious Fox a fiery-eyed boy who tells her of sky cities that rise from the sea.

Mara sets sail on a daring journey to find a new life for herself and her friends - instead she discovers a love that threatens to tear her apart ...

Average: 3.88 (8 rating)

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Book Reviews Exodus :

10Secondz 2015-03-19 23:54
I absolutely adored this book that is beautifully written. Julie Bertagna draws you into the story of Mara and her life in a world where the sea has risen dramatically and the future is bleak unless someone takes control. Once into the story, it is hard to shake off the feeling that all that is unfolding before you really could happen unless everyone takes action to save our environment - not just a caring few.
Exodus is divided into three sections all of which follow Mara in her quest to find a place for her and her family and friends to live.It is an excellent way to bring the issues of global warming and deforest-ation to older children. If only every child was made to read this book, then maybe the future of the planet would be in much safer hands.I cannot wait to read more from this author.
rating 5

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