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The Da Vinci Code  review

Da Vinci Code
Author: Dan Brown & sophia brown
genre: Deckare
Year: 2004
ISBN: 0307277674

An ingenious code hidden in the works of Leonardo da Vinci. A desperate race through the cathedrals and castles of Europe. An astonishing truth concealed for centuries . . . unveiled at last.

While in Paris, Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon is awakened by a phone call in the dead of the night. The elderly curator of the Louvre has been murdered inside the museum, his body covered in baffling symbols. As Langdon and gifted French cryptologist Sophie Neveu sort through the bizarre riddles, they are stunned to discover a trail of clues hidden in the works of Leonardo da Vinci—clues visible for all to see and yet ingeniously disguised by the painter.

Even more startling, the late curator was involved in the Priory of Sion—a secret society whose members included Sir Isaac Newton, Victor Hugo, and Da Vinci—and he guarded a breathtaking historical secret. Unless Langdon and Neveu can decipher the labyrinthine puzzle—while avoiding the faceless adversary who shadows their every move—the explosive, ancient truth will be lost forever.

Average: 3.64 (255 rating)

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Book Reviews The Da Vinci Code :

rush256 2015-03-20 05:16
'The Da Vinci Code' is another best book I ever read. After reading it I came to know that there is a secret society whose members included Sir Isaac Newton, Victor Hugo, and Da Vinci. Thanks Dan Brown & sophia brown for writing such books which helps on revealing the world.
rating 5

tashanna 2015-03-20 07:52
I would not go to the acceptance or denial of the allegations set forth in the book. O Jesus able to do / marriage with Mary Magdalene, fragments of lost gospels from which something can guess, about the legends of the troubadours in the south of France, on the Priory of Sion and other "evidence" I also quoted other sources, because it is likely that in XV century when Leonardo Da Vinci lived (ie 1400 years after the crucifixion) Jesus' life was (not) studied equally as much today.
            I consider it necessary to picture the time in which Jesus lived. My impression is that it was a time of undiscovered world. The Jews at that time lived in the cities, so in urban areas of their time (unlike eg. Some Slovenian or Germanic tribes of the time) and were "up today," informed a former political or social situation. They had no television to watch the news, but instead it was enough to open the window and listen to live news. In such an atmosphere, the operation of a prophet-individual-leaders-Master was similar to today's functioning of political parties or activities of their leaders. Thus, at a time when "the church" and "social" or secular and spiritual were "sharply" as a separate date, or when the power was not pocepkana the levels (the equivalent of: Republicans hold the assembly, a Democrat is president), but the authorities was locked on to a narrow circle of people with the often secular ruler was the high priest at the time, was a group of people gathered around Jesus, one should act like a political party at the present time. Today's politicians are struggling for members (membership fees) and voters, and then prophets had to "fight" for students (believers) in order to spread their own learning.
rating 5

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