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Love you to death  review

The Mediator - Shadowland
Author: Meg Cabot
genre: Ungdom
Year: 2000
ISBN: 9781743033494

Average: 4.26 (19 rating)

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Book Reviews Love you to death :

vasi45 2015-03-20 07:24
Meg Cabot does a neat portrayal of teen heroines. They are spunky…have some of the most interesting and weird conversations in their heads and more often than not come up with ear-bending dialogue like: “Lay one hand on my brother and I’ll stuff you right back into that grave from which you crawled out.” Yep, real heart-warming stuff…

Suzanne (Suze) Simon is no different. Her widowed mother has remarried and the mother-daughter duo shift from bleary New York to California, sunny-side up. Her step-father (who breaks the cliché and is a real sweetheart) comes armed with three sons. Snatched from familiar surroundings and plonked into a place that’s too pastel for a native New Yorker, Suze has quite a lot on her plate.

Add to that her one dark secret. Suze is a Mediator…a ghost-mediator...she talks to the dead and handles their unfinished business on earth. She encounters nice, snotty and downright nasty ghosts. Not all want to move on to the great big Pizza Parlour in the sky. So Suze has to kick (surprisingly solid) ghost butt at regular intervals. Things heat up as she shifts into her new home. There is a seriously good looking Spanish ghost in her room called Jesse. And Suze also has to deal with the ghost of a snotty, preppy high-schooler called Heather. Heather is as mean as your average poltergeist and is set to wreck hell in Suze’s new school, seeking revenge on the boyfriend who dumped her. The result is plenty of Buffy-style action and hi-jinx.

The first in the Mediator series is a quick one-hour read…witty and quintessentially Cabot.
rating 5

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