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Five Go to Smuggler's Top  review

Five go to smugglers top
Author: Enid Blyton
genre: Ungdom
Year: 1945
ISBN: 0340796189

The Five find adventure, when they spend Easter vacation at Mr. Lenoir's sinister house Smuggler's Top. Set high above an eerie marsh, the house is honeycombed with hidden staircases and tunnels that once served as a hideaway for smugglers. When strange lights begin to appear, the Five suspect that the tunnels are once more in use.

Average: 4.71 (14 rating)

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Book Reviews Five Go to Smuggler's Top :

kennedy 2015-03-20 15:29
During a holiday with the five a tree falls on the Kirrin cottage and the two find it easier to send the children away, and spend time together. When the children arrive at Mr. Lenoir house they find her son their school mate and start start adventures in the big sprawling house. They try to hide Timmy from Mr. Lenoir who has short temper and hates dogs. The children make a discovery of a tunnel that leads from the window to cata combs below and believe its a smugglers root.

rating 5

Deepakpanta 2015-03-20 15:34
It is still my favourite of them all. Reading this book started me on a long, long, journey with the Famous Five books that, even as a 40-plus year old I still re-visit from time to time. The memory of reading about the secret passages, the marsh, deaf Block, Mr Barling and all the other sinister characters in that most sinister of settings, absolutely fascinated and riveted me to the book and I never looked back.
rating 4

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