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1984  review

Author: George Orwell
genre: Klassiker
Year: 1949
ISBN: 0451524934

Written in 1948, 1984 was George Orwell's chilling prophecy about the future.

While 1984 has come and gone, Orwell's narrative is more timely that ever. 1984 presents a "negative utopia", that is at once a startling and haunting vision of the world — so powerful that it's completely convincing from start to finish. No one can deny the power of this novel, its hold on the imaginations of entire generations of readers, or the resiliency of its admonitions — a legacy that seems to grow, not lessen, with the passage of time.

Average: 4.23 (103 rating)

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Book Reviews 1984 :

rush256 2015-03-20 05:32
1984 is Orwell's one of the finest novel ever i read. 1984 presents a "negative utopia". The past is controlled, rewritten into something that will strengthen the incumbent ruler. Who controls the past, controls the future. Who controls the present, controls the past. There is no real truth. The "truth" is what the state says it is. And the way Big Brother presents in this novel is really good way to describe totalitarianism.
rating 5

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