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The Stranger  review

Author: Max Frei
genre: Fantasy
Year: 2010
ISBN: 1590200659

1. Debut in Echo
2. Juba Chebobargo and other nice folks
3. Cell No. 5-OW-NOX
4. The Stranger
5. King Banjee
6. Victims of Circumstance
7. Journey to Kettary

The millions-selling fantasy epic of the new Russian literary icon-a freeloading freebooter who finds a new home in a magical world

Max Frei's novels have been a literary sensation in Russia since their debut in 1996, and have swept the fantasy world over. Presented here in English for the first time, The Stranger will strike a chord with readers of all stripes. Part fantasy, part horror, part philosophy, part dark comedy, the writing is united by a sharp wit and a web of clues that will open up the imagination of every reader.

Max Frei was a twenty-something loser-a big sleeper (that is, during the day; at night he can't sleep a wink), a hardened smoker, and an uncomplicated glutton and loafer. But then he got lucky. He contacts a parallel world in his dreams, where magic is a daily practice. Once a social outcast, he's now known in his new world as the "unequalled Sir Max." He's a member of the Department of Absolute Order, formed by a species of enchanted secret agents; his job is to solve cases more extravagant and unreal than one could imagine-a journey that will take Max down the winding paths of this strange and unhinged universe.

Average: 4.64 (22 rating)

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Book Reviews The Stranger :

WHajz 2015-03-19 23:49
"Stranger" is an interesting novel to say the least. For starters, I nearly gave up on the book. I just wasn’t able to connect with the protagonist Max, which was particularly galling since the entire novel is written from Max’s point-of-view, although I did eventually get over it.
rating 5

amir911 2015-03-20 06:36
I love to read fantasy books like these types. And hats off to Mr. Max Frei he really write a great novel. These are really nice and amazing novels. I really appreciate his fantasy.
rating 5

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